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About Us

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Mose as a stray

 How it all started

It all began with the arrival of Mose'.

It was a hot summer afternoon, just a few days before the most awaited summer holiday in August. This poor filthy miniature male poodle appeared on our doorstep in search of some shade, away from the scorching sun. He was infested with fleas, hungry & thirsty and visibly malnourished.

The idea of adopting a dog had never crossed our minds so far. The pitiful state that this creature was in, showed that this dog needed immediate help or else a cruel fate was in store. Immediately we gave him a good meal & fresh water. After a week giving him food and water and keeping tabs on him, we were already deeply in love with Mose’ and so we decided to take the plunge and take him indoors. We washed him in our front garden and took him to the vet for a general checkup which was followed by several more visits until all his medical problems were solved. Lots and lots of baths also followed until a bright white handsome dog emerged from the battered stray dog we knew.

As days gone by, the sense of gratitude shown by Mose’ was indescribable and we were madly and completely in love with our white, curly, hairy baby boy. We really treated him like a baby, putting stylish bandanas and makeshift id tags around his neck.

The introduction of Petfashion

Summer was over and as the cold winter days arrived, the need for a coat or two to fight the humid winter's cold weather was evident. Buying a stylish coat locally was nearly an impossible task.

One would burst into laughing if somebody mentioned clothes for dogs or cats. Buying over the internet was not the best idea either.

Sizing your dog's clothes without trying them on is a bit of a gamble, because unlike humans, dogs come not just in different sizes but in an infinite amount of shapes  according tho the age and breed. Upon talking to other pet owners about this problem, we noticed that there was quite a demand for some fashionable pet coats in our local market.

It was then decided to test the local market by importing a small amount of fashionable pet clothing. A very small section (of not more than 2 square meters) at our former appliance shop at Iklin was set up and dedicated to Petfashion & other accessories. Slowly it proved to become quite a popular good habit to treat your pets as family members and protect them from our winter's cold and the scorching summer sun.

Petlove Image 1
Mose nowadays

Increased Popularity

We managed to raise awareness into the public, that everything felt by a human, can also be felt by our pets, being it heat, cold, hunger, thirst & loneliness.

As time went by, Petfashion was becoming increasingly popular amongst  pet owners. Expanding the operations at Petlove was now inevitable. The need of another retail outlet in the southern part of Malta was being felt. So we decided to open another shop at Cospicua. Meanwhile our Iklin outlet was slowly being transformed from an appliance shop into a pet fashion boutique, until the day has come when the whole shop was used solely for offering a nice experience for you & your beloved pet when shopping for dog or cat clothes. After all it is not the usual order of the day that one goes into shop with his dog or cat & tries clothes on.

Upon visiting any one of our outlets at Iklin or Cospicua one notices that apart from the day to day necessities you can find an extensive range of accessories that cannot be found in an ordinary  pet store. 



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