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Our grooming salon features state-of-the-art grooming equipment, quality grooming products and a hygenic & friendly environment. We provide personalized grooming services using latest technology tools for the safety & comfortableness of your pet. 

 A grooming session will usually consist in:

  • Nail Trimming – (Prevents painful splaying and splitting of the nails.)
  • Ear Cleaning and inner excess hair removal – (Reduces build-ups to help prevent infections.)
  • Anal Gland Cleaning – (Helps prevent symptoms associated with anal gland impaction.)
  • Coat Shaving & Trimming
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blow Dry
  • Perfume

 (All grooming apparatus is sterilized in between grooms)

Our experienced  groomers will personally meet with you to discuss your pet's specific needs and recommend just the right grooming service so as to keep your dog feeling happy and healthy and looking great.

For further information or an Appointment please Call on :

21 418812 or 27 418812 (for Appointments at Iklin)

27 800638 (for Appointments at Cospicua)




We also offer walk-in Nail Trimming service. No appointment is necessary, however it is recommended to give us a phone call just before coming to make sure that a groomer is available for assistance.

It is our strict policy that the owner or guardian of the Dog/Cat must be present  during the grooming process. So please when making an appointment make sure that you can stay with us throughout the whole groom.



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Free Wi-fi  & free cellphone charging available in the waiting area.

Our Grooming personnel will do their best to make the grooming session an enjoyable experience.


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