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Self Service Dogwash

For sizes that vary from the smallest Teacup Poodle to the largest Great Dane


The Coin operated Self service dog wash facility at our Iklin Outlet makes your life easy when it comes to washing your dog. No matter how big or small your dog is, the dog wash machine makes washing your dog an enjoyable experience.

The machine works exactly on the same principles of the Self service Car washes. The only difference is that it houses your dog comfortably and uses fine professional shampoos and conditioners that flow automatically with water during the process

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The Process consists of the Following steps:


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Anti-Flea wash
  • Blow-dry low speed
  • Blow-dry high speed
  • Perfume (Various Scents to Choose From)

Charges are applied according to the duration of the wash and start from as little as €7.50 for a 15 minute wash which usually is enough time to wash & dry a small to medium sized dog.

In addition to all the facilities one can find other drying & brushing equipment to complement the Self-service dogwash and speed up the process.


Towels & Aprons are offered and are free of charge.




No Appointment required, however it is suggested to give us a call to check the queuing situation on busy days  (like Saturdays) to avoid prolonged waiting.


Watch Video Here

Just in case you prefer to leave the whole process for us, Kindly phone for an appointment and we will be happy to wash your dog or cat ourselves, while you relax and make use of the free wifi. 

For more info please call on

 21 418812 or 27 418812

or email on