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For cats over 12 years old with sensitive teeth and gums and a fussy appetite. Cats age in two distinct phases. During the first phase, there may be few visible signs to indicate the internal changes that are occurring. During the second phase (12 years+), ageing accelerates and cats may exhibit visible signs, including decreased mobility and dental sensitivities.


Ageing cats have different nutritional needs than their younger counterparts;

that's why it's important to modify your cat's diet as it ages, to ensure that

those needs are being met and maintained.ROYAL CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+ is

suitable for cats over 12 years of age and is specially formulated with the

nutritional needs of senior cats like yours in mind. This food contains highly

palatable kibble with a double texture (crunchy outside, soft inside) that helps

to stimulate your senior cat's general appetite.ROYAL CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+

contains a complex of antioxidants that support senior cats throughout the

ageing process. Thanks to a moderate phosphorus level, ROYAL CANIN® Senior

Ageing 12+ also helps to support healthy kidney function, which is highly

beneficial in senior cats.To cater to each cat's individual preferences, ROYAL

CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+ is also available as wet food in either a delicious

gravy or succulent jelly. If you're considering mixed feeding, simply follow our

feeding guidelines to ensure your cat gets an accurate amount of both wet and

dry food for optimal benefit.



Appetite stimulation : In some senior cats, the senses of taste and smell

decline with age, which leads to lower food intake and subsequent weight loss.

Ageing 12+ helps stimulate the senior cat’s appetite thanks to a highly

palatable, double texture kibble which is easy to chew.

Healthy ageing complex : Limits the consequences of ageing on cognitive

function, mobility, and oxidative stress thanks to specific nutrients

(tryptophan, EPA-DHA, and a complex of antioxidants including lycopene and


Renal health : A decline in kidney function is common in older cats. Ageing 12+

contains a moderate phosphorus level to help support renal health.

Urinary health : Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary