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Growth is an essential stage in your kitten's life - it's a time of big changes,

significant discoveries and new encounters. During this period, it's important

to make sure your kitten gets the right kind of nutrients to support healthy

growth and development. The second age growth stage is a key period for your

kitten because its immune system still developing at a gradual pace. ROYAL

CANIN® Kitten food helps to support your kitten's natural defences during this

time, thanks particularly to a patented complex of antioxidants, including the

highly beneficial vitamin E. ROYAL CANIN® Kitten is suitable for kittens up to

12 months old and has an enhanced digestive tolerance thanks to the inclusion of

L.I.P - a protein selected due its 90% digestibility rate. To cater to each

cat's individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Kitten is also available as wet food

in delicious gravy or succulent jelly. If you're considering mixed feeding,

simply follow our feeding guidelines to ensure your cat gets an accurate amount

of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit.



Immune system support : Growth is an essential stage in the kitten’s life: it is

the time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters. During this key period,

the kitten’s immune system develops gradually. Kitten helps support the 2nd age

kitten’s natural defences thanks particularly to a complex of antioxidants

including vitamin E.

Healthy growth : Adapted content of protein, vitamins and minerals including

vitamin D and calcium. High energy content to fit this intense growth period.

Digestive health : Enhanced digestive tolerance thanks to highly digestible

protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics (including FOS). *Protein selected for its very

high digestibility.