TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD (Insect) Dog - Tin

TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD (Insect) Dog - Tin

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  • Food hypersensitivity

    Food hypersensitivity means that your dog responds excessively or adversely to specific ingredients in its current diet. There are two types of hypersensitivity:

    • Allergy (more than 90% of the cases): a reaction caused by (animal) protein, whereby the immune system responds. Once developed, the allergy is usually permanent.
    • Intolerance: an immune-related reaction.

    The associated symptoms can be identical in both cases, making it difficult to properly diagnose. The complaints are usually skin related (redness, itching) and gastrointestinal symptoms (such as vomiting in dogs or diarrhoea), and therefore very general and not specific. A food sensitivity diagnosis is made based on the results of an elimination diet.

    TROVET IPD Hypoallergenic (Insect)

    TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD is a hypoallergenic dog food specially designed to contain only one protein source (insect) and one carbohydrate source (potato). The insects used as the protein source within Hypoallergenic IPD are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. The chance of dogs being allergic to this type of insect is small, as insects are not commonly used in dog food and it would be highly unlikely for your dog to already have developed an allergy against this source of protein. For this reason, the combination of insect and potato will rarely cause a hypersensitive reaction. Switching to a hypoallergenic diet like TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD (Insect) should help slowly reduce allergic reactions like scratching, biting and rubbing. Besides being a hypoallergenic feed, TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD contains all of the essential nutrients in the right quantities for your dog. Please note, complaints will not become less or disappear straight away. Skin complaints, for example, take quite a while before there are any noticeable improvements.

    Recommended for

    • Food allergy
    • Food intolerance

    Not suitable for

    • Dogs with a hypersensitivity to animal protein derived from insects.
    • Shellfish allergy
    • Growth (not suitable for puppies)


    The recommended duration of use for TROVET Hypoallergenic IPD (Insect) Dog is initially 3 to 8 weeks in case of food allergy and intolerance. When the hypersensitivity symptoms disappear, Hypoallergenic (Insect) can be used as a complete diet food for an unlimited period of time.


    Potato, insect meal, poultry fat, vitamins and trace elements, yeast (hydrolysate), calcium carbonate, fish oil, linseed.